[CQ-Contest] FT1000D mod summary

Doug Brandon dab at home.com
Mon Feb 22 21:18:50 EST 1999

I didnt get too many responses, but here are the answers I got to my
request for info on mods to the FT1000D.  Thanks to those that responded!

   73 de Doug, N6RT

>From Bob Schwerdlin WG9L <bschwerdlin at hlb.com>

I've had a FT-1000D for several years.  I made a mod to the external keying
relay circuit.  I use an Alpha 78 linear and when I enabled the external
keying relay in the FT1K (S1003, I think), it made such a racket of the
relay clacking, that I had to find a remedy and quickly.

I added a 12V reed relay from Radio Shack.  I wired it ahead of the relay
in the radio and it operates all the time, wether the external relay switch
is enabled, or not.

As a result, the relay has operated flawlessly for over 4 years and you
have to put your ear right next to the rig to even remotely hear the reed
relay switching away.  If the radio's cooling fan comes on, even at low
speed, then you can't hear the relay at all.

>From "john battin" K9DX <jbattin at email.msn.com>

These mods are interesting,but do not be too concerned with the radio as
stock. I operate two at my station and six at k9ns and they are just fine as
they are. The most interesting mod to me is the one on the noise blanker for
IM. I have a 3 generator set-up to measure IM and hope to do some before and
after  measurememts later this year. No time before the end of the contest
season this year.  hi

>From Jon Ogden KE9NA <jono at enteract.com>

Welcome to the most AWESOME of rigs.  You will simply fall in love with 

Did you buy the radio used?  If so, Yaesu will upgrade the software and 
hardware of the radio for FREE!  You just have to part with it for six 
weeks and pay about $30 to ship it to them.  I think some of these RX IMD 
mods are performed by the factory.  There is also a fast tune mod that is 
available.  There really aren't that many cause the rig is pretty damn 
good already.

>From Angel KP4TE <kp4te at xsn.net>

If you receive something about those mods, let me
know.  I do own an inrad main tuner and sub tuner
auto ratio changer.  Those are 2 small boards that
makes the tuning ratio of both tuner knobs to be
slower or higherdepending on the speed you turn
the tunning knobs.  They have 3 different ratios
depending on the speed you move them. And if you
have noticed, the factory tunning ratio is very
high for cw fine tunning if you have are in narrow
 You must contact INRAD, check out if they still
have them.  They are very easy to install , no
solder.  They mount inside the front panel behing
the tuner/start m.scan controls, and do not affect
any other functions.  

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