[CQ-Contest] Re: WPX rules

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Sun Feb 28 13:07:32 EST 1999

> Yes they have made the WPX in to a stateside QSO party now.
> Well, ofcourse since Americans writes the rules it has to
> come out that way. Why bother trying to get it as international
> as possible, no in this case the atitude is perfectly clear.
> I for one is sorry to see the WPX go, it used to be a darn nice
> contest but not any more. 

Yeah, just like that IARU Stateside QSO Party they have in July.

(funny, I seem to have a lot of DX in my log for THAT contest;
maybe I'm just weird because I prefer 5 point QSOs to 1-pointers)

-- Ray  WQ5L  rocker at ametro.net

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