[CQ-Contest] 4N6DXC/ 4N6DXS packet clusters

YT6A yt6a at cg.yu
Fri Feb 19 19:05:26 EST 1999


Two DX Packet clusters works very properly in Montenegro. 4N6DXC and 4N6DXS,
installed on two separate computers, are hot backup each other and this data
base will be used for new WEB Packet service. Of course, both PC's are
installed in local telecom on UPS and directly on local internet providers
routers. Safety of clusters is 100%.
Use it and put links on yours WEB pages.

4N6DXC port 41112 port 41112
NetROM c 4n6dxc or c hndxc

4N6DXS (DXSpider software) port 8000
NetROM c 4n6dxs or c hndxs


Ranko - YT6A

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