[CQ-Contest] 1999 UBA contest

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru
Wed Jan 6 00:20:41 EST 1999

>3. Classes
>A. Single Operator Single Band (A10, A15, A20, A40, A80,A160).
>B. Single Operator Multi Band (6 bands).
>C. Multi Operator Single Transmitter (6 bands).
>D. QRP 5 watt output, as class B.
>E. SWL, as class B (Rules under item 10).
>In all categories ONLY ONE transceiver (or receiver) and transmitting
>signal is allowed at any time during the contest, so NO multiplier station

I think the above makes it boring contest for M/S category. No team work is
Pity, might have become good contest...


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