[CQ-Contest] NAQP-QSY-ing works!

Mike Smith ve9aa at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 10 10:00:06 EST 1999

>Date: 10 Jan 1999 17:44:21 -0000
>From: MAILER-DAEMON at hotmail.com
>To: ve9aa at hotmail.com
>Subject: failure notice
>Hi. This is the qmail-send program at hotmail.com.
>I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following 
>This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
><cq-contest at contsting.com>:
>Sorry, I couldn't find any host named contsting.com. (#5.1.2)
>Hi Y'all!
>Had fun in the test last night, despite uncooperative radios, antennas, 
>software and band condx. (ok, maybe the op had a little to do with it 
>Only heard several other VE's on, and by looking at others rate/mult
>sheets can only gather that VE9 must be semi rare for this test.
>(seems like low participation all 'round this year-or is it just me?)
>By all means, after the first few hours of the test are done, and 
>everyone's settled down to less than 100/hr rates, ask for a QSY if
>a rare section should search and pounce upon you.  I worked ~200 Q's
>last night and had less than 1/2-dozen ask for a quick QSY. WOW!
>I am sure not everyone I heard had NB on all bands already (maybe you
>did and I am being overly analytical??// - hi)
>Ask for QSY's if you need NB - and despite what the rules might 
>except for 160m ; the higher in the band the better.  Remember, 
>VE1/VE9/VO1/VY2/VO2 are a bit closer to EU than the 4/5/6/7 guys and 
>they are very loud at that time of day.  I cringed
>evertime someone said "7025 or 3515" (hee hee) .
>Had a blast.

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