[CQ-Contest] SO2R

Chris Burbanks g3sjj at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 21 23:04:02 EST 1999

I really can't see a problem with SO2R. This is just a natural progression.

Until my TS930 started playing up  about 4 years ago, I developed a
technique of switching between VFO A and VFO B, between CQs.

I reckon in a 4 hour period this would net about 10 Qs. Now I have the
FT1kMP, using the sub rx which the manufacturers have kindly added,
I can fine tune my new operating skill.

When I get my 930 going again, which should be soon I can extend that
skill further.

Seems to me there are a number of postive aspects :

 - In any competitive arena, the leaders will push the envelope. Developing
new skills and technolgies. Competitors keen to maintain or improve their
position will follow, developing and modifying to their own requirements.

 - Having got a decent radio and computer, I now need to keep my motivation
and the technical aspects of enginering a two radio station will do just that. I
am looking forward to meeting the challenge.

 - One area of long contests that I find de-motivating is the low Q rate periods.
Having another radio will help.

I don't see any way this can be described as making the playing field unlevel,
its just another skill to master. I can remember not too many years ago when I
didn't want a computer in the shack, when that happened I didn't want it as part
of the station. creeps, it almost IS the station now.

So, what next, hooray, back to real radio and add another transceiver.

Super, great, spiffing. Let me get at it !!!!!!!!!!!!

(but I must learn that I might lose my run freq, oh I have learnt that already !)

Chris G3SJJ

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