Harry Flasher hflasher at dayton.net
Fri Jan 22 01:36:33 EST 1999

In a few day my wife Marge and I will join a cruise up the East coast of
Africa from Capetown.  We would very much like to meet a few amateurs on
the trip although our time in port is rather limited and during the day

CAPETOWN - 28 January (Thursday).  Not much time from flight arrival to
departure.  Meeting would have to be close to the Pier, likely in 3:30
PM time range.  You might have to help keep us awake if we don't get
much rest on the overnight plane flight from Miami.

EAST LONDON - 30 January (Saturday).  Timing can be from 9 in the
morning to 2PM.  We have an early departure to get to Durban the next

DURBAN - 31 January (Sunday) - should be available in the 10 AM to 4 PM
time frame.  The next three days are AT SEA, so I think we will want to
be on land until the last minute.

NOSY BE - 4 February (Thursday) - by now we should have gained 10 pounds
and really ready to go ashore.  Since use of tenders is required our
time limits will be in the 10 AM to 4PM range.

MAYOTTE - 5 February (Friday) - as for NOSY BE, tenders and same time

ZANZIBAR - 7 February (Sunday) - maybe tender needed, so time 10 to 4.

For information, we end cruise at MOMBASA, but I doubt we will have any
available time as we go to airport, fly to Nairobi and land travel to
ARUSHA.  We will be staying the night of 8 February at the NOVOTEL MT

For the next few days we will be in the interior of TANZANIA on a number
of game runs.  Just in case an amateurs in the normal tourist game area
might be available let me know and I'll send schedule and other details.

NAIROBI - 15 February (Monday) & 16 February (Tuesday) - Monday night is
free and it looks like we will have most of Tuesday available as it
looks like a late night flight out on the 16th.

My call is W8KKF, Marge and I are in our mid 60's.  In recent years most
of my dx/contesting operating has been from Grenada - J37K and with
others as J38G and J3A.  Other ops over the years have been at C6, J7,
J8, KP5, BY, HC8 and V2 plus zone 2 in Canada.  I made it to #1 honor
roll but now lacking a couple of the new ones.  I have a QSL from one of
them, but it was at J3.

I can bring a video tape of HC8 or Desecheo if there is interest.  

Please reply to me.  I will check regularly and reply promptly. 
However, tomorrow -Friday I will be at work and not in position to reply
until 4PM or so east coast USA time (2100 UTC).

Best 73, DX or contesting as your interest are -  Harry  W8KKF, J37K

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