[CQ-Contest] CQWW and WPX certificates

Al Crespo nh7a at arrl.net
Wed Jun 2 05:42:51 EDT 1999

N8BJQ has agreed to send me envelopes and certificates for past WPX
contests so that I can help get them out.
    If you are not current in the Callbook CD, then send me your mailing
address- this applies only to WPX!
     K3EST has shipped me two boxes of  addressed  envelopes and when the
CQWW certificates are received, they will also be stuffed and sent to CQ
magazine for final mailing.
    Once CQ gets the boxes of stuffed envelopes, they mail them out very
    I do not want to receive any queries  as to when  certificates will go
out. I have no control as to getting the certificates- I am waiting for them
     An announcement will be made on the cq-contest  reflector when  the
first shipment of certificates is received and another  and when  as they
are being shipped to CQ for final mailing.

                                                            Aloha, Al

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