[CQ-Contest] Aging ranks

Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Wed Jun 2 13:45:19 EDT 1999

>de W4AN........

>- Be a volunteer (log checker, certificates, etc).

>My point?     ******* DO SOMETHING !!! *******


Last year I reflected on my roots in contesting, bit the bullet and visited
the local radio club Field Day site, during setup.
I helped a little and offered to do some CW operating.  I ended up on 40
with a fine radio w/o CW filter.  I got some
K3ZO practice, listening to a larger chunk of the band than I usually do.  I
don't know if seeing a real contest operator
planted any seeds, but I had avoided duffers for years.  It used to drive me
crazy to see the lack of understanding and
commitment to doing the thing properly from a contesters point of view.  I
am now looking at FD as payback and
will try to demonstrate what I know, without tearing my hair out.  It is
easier now that I have so little left.

73 Chas  K3WW

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