[CQ-Contest] Young Contesters (was Aging Ranks)

Bob ai7b at teleport.com
Wed Jun 2 19:06:37 EDT 1999

congrats to u david and welcome to the world of radio
sporting.......i was 15 when i first started and 47 years
later still having a ball!!    if you everwant a seat at my stn
in central oregon just let me know......my stn mebbe not
quite as good as rush's but its pretty close......

73 de bob  w7gg, ai7b, ww7or

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Date: Wednesday, June 02, 1999 1:42 PM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Young Contesters (was Aging Ranks)

>As a young contester myself (turned 16 in March) I guess I feel I should
>out here.  I think the problem, like Bill said, is not the dates of
>but rather attracting youths to the contesting 'sport'.
>My parents have been very supportive (even though they're
overprotective...) of
>me wanting to contest.  In fact, they were supportive enough to drive me
>to the W7RM M/M for WW CW, and yes, that IS Thanksgiving weekend.  We had
>Thanksgiving dinner with my relatives, then got up the next day and drove
>W7RM, then while I contested, my family spent the weekend 20 miles away in
>Portland, then came and got me.
>I have been very fortunate to become hooked up with the W7RM gang (look for
>or 5 of us M/S in IARU from there!), and with the Western Washington DX
>and I am forever indebted to all those people.  One of my most favorite ham
>radio weekends to date was being invited to N6TR/K7RAT's for ARRL DX CW.
>hours of hard-core contesting with 2 fantastic operators, getting 40+ hours
>op time to boot, and talking and learning with great guys.
>So what to do about getting youths interested?  Again, I point to something
>Bill said:
>> My point?     ******* DO SOMETHING !!! *******
>Read that.  Read it again.  Read it a third time.  This is the key to
>interesting people.  There are quite a bit of 'young' (under 30)
>and even quite a few teenage contesters.  Many of those, people like AD6DO,
>WL7KY, N5NU, K9YO, AD7U, myself, and lots more that I can't think of right
>will be the 'big guns' of the future.
>However, as many of you know, it is not the big guns that make contesting.
>is the little guys, the guys that get on and make a handful of contacts.
>So interest people in ham radio in general...let kids come over and listen
>you work guys, listen to CW...I know for me, CW is very magical, and I
>don't want to see it die a slow painful death.  Bring people over for
>Multi-ops, bring people over just to see the station and talk, go to a
>and introduce ham radio, do whatever it takes, just get people involved.
>Just sort of an off-the-cuff post, maybe I'll think of more later, but I
>this expresses my feelings pretty well.  CU all from the WWDXC Field Day
>and from W7RM in IARU.
>David Jones, KK7GW
>kk7gw at yahoo.com
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