[CQ-Contest] Kid's Day Radio Party?!

Ric Painter wo4o at juno.com
Wed Jun 2 23:50:24 EDT 1999

So you want to try to get kids interested in ham radio and, more
specifically, radio games (er 'contesting')?  After reading the profile
story about Mark, N5OT, and how he invited a kid from church to talk to
other kids on his radio during a past Kid's Day, I was prompted to
action.  While my two youngsters (Christopher, now 14 and Melanie, now
12) and one of the neighbor's kids have participated in past Kid's Day
events from Wo4o, I'm planning something that may be bigger and better
for the next one. 

For the past semester, I (with 3 helpers) taught 12-20 4th grade boys at
our Master Club in church on Wednesday nights.  The Club begins summer
vacation simultaneous with the regular school season, so now I get a
However, I've decided to do something different for these kids to kick
off the summer. With another edition of Kid's Day coming up, I designed
and will soon distribute a flyer inviting those Master Clubbers to my
house for 
pizza, soft drinks, ice cream and to step up to the golden microphone 
for the Kid's Day Radio Party!  I'll follow up with a phone call to talk
with the kids and parents.  It'll be interesting to see what happens.  
As you know, the more (on-the-air) the merrier, so perhaps you can invite
some kids over to your radio station on June 19th, too!  Read all about
Kid's Day in the June 1999 issue of QST, pages 32 and 33.  Encourage
others to do the same!

73, Ric - Wo4o
Ridgetop, Tennessee

PS Hey, maybe we'll have a Kid's Camp Out Radio Party during Field Day,
too?!   I'll have to think about that one . . .

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