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v31jp at logical123.net v31jp at logical123.net
Thu Jun 3 14:18:51 EDT 1999

In response to Jose's inference that Europeans copy so well,
how come they do copy instructions from DXpeditioners? I have
slowed down to explain simple instructions as what I want in
the pile up, when I answer back to a ?7AA, I do not want IK2???
or **3BUT coming back to me. Sorry, either they are one of the
largest group of illmannered operators or, they can not copy
even 26 WPM, let alone 40 WPM.

I have also heard some EU DXpeditioners complain "Can't they
copy even their own call at 40 WPM?" Problem was, their signal
had so much ring in it, NO!

Speed is not the sole sign of a good operator. High speed CW
receiving capability is one, adjusting to given conditions is
another, but the top one, in my opinion is being able to
communicate with the other operator. If you need to brush him
off with a display of high speed CW, you were not communicating.
If you have to lower your speed for the other guys to copy,
you should do it. I have found that varying my speed, both up
and down brings a new flurry of callers. Coincidence? I do not
believe so. It happens just too often. I believe some op's
don't want to take the time calling a slower speed station,
when I raise the speed no problem. And, of course, the obvious,
when I slow down, why some call me that did not at high speed.

73 de K8 Joe "Palooka" & Beverly
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