[CQ-Contest] Cut Number Bashing

Hal Offutt 104306.451 at compuserve.com
Thu Jun 3 21:57:04 EDT 1999


I can hardly believe some of the comments I am seeing here about cut
numbers.  What's the difference between using N to  represent 9 and A to
represent 1?  There is no difference.  It's just that many of us here in
North America are accustomed to using the one but not the other.  Used
properly, cut numbers speed things up and make operating more fun, which is
the point of the whole thing.    

I also feel the same way about higher CW speeds:  the higher the better.  I
love being challenged.  We try to improve our antennas, our equipment, our
computers, our propagation knowledge, our operating setups, and many other
things.  Shouldn't we also be pushing to improve our CW skills and raise
the bar in this area too?  Or is there some finite speed beyond which we
shouldn't go?     

Clearly a certain percentage of Europeans need some training in pile up
manners, but on average they have a lot to teach us North Americans about
CW operating.  I think many of them must be in a state of shock that we are
so upset by their (hopefully increasing) use of cut numbers.  I think they
probably expect more from us. 


Hal W1NN


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