[CQ-Contest] WPX portable pfx --summary and proposal

Andrew Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
Fri Jun 4 13:17:18 EDT 1999

I received replies from AD1C, K8JP, K4BAI, and even K6LL himself to my
question   whether K6LL/7 is a K6 or a K7 in WPX.  All agree that it's not
in the rules, but you just have to know that the answer is K7.
  For the reasons given in my original posting, I think the answer should
be K6, not K7.  If this requires a reinterpretation of the rules, I suggest
that it be done.
  My proposal would be that portable designators like /7 within a country
just be ignored (like /m or /p), since they do not unambiguously designate
any prefix other than the original prefix of the station.  In other words,
the prefix for K6LL/7 should be K6, who simply happens to be operating in
the 7th call area.  For WPX, the fact that he is operating in the 7th call
area should be no more significant than that he is operating portable or
mobile.  Since he is not required either by law or the WPX rules to
indicate that he is in another call area (unlike the situation of operating
in another country),  there is no reason arbitrarily to declare that he has
a different prefix. If you are going to say it's K7, then why not let him
pick some other prefix such as WC7 and use that explicitly? And if you
allow that, then could K6LL/6 sign K6LL/WC6?  I think it's much cleaner
just to keep the original prefix and ignore the portable designator.
  73, andy, ae6y

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