[CQ-Contest] OM Catagory ??

John T. Laney, III K4BAI at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jun 4 18:26:19 EDT 1999

As I said on this reflector recently, I make no concessions to age yet
except that I run the gain higher than I used to.  At age 57, I don't
see any need for a seniors category.  

Does anyone else remember the QST article by the late Ed "Red"
Reddington, W4ZM, who was a great contester, about how he first started
contesting at the age of 70?

I don't mind anyone putting an asterisk by the older ops.  I don't care
if anyone says that I was oldest USA operator at WRTC 96.  But I don't
ask for a separate category YET.

Maybe I'll feel differently in 10 years.  But, has PJ9JT (W1BIH) needed
a separate category to win in DX contests at age 80 plus?  

Seniors do sort of have their own contests at a slower pace by way of
the QCWA QSO Parties, OOTC activity days, etc.  Some even have been
known to go off to the WARC bands on contest weekends.

But, I'd rather just be listed in with the whole group regardless of

			73, John, K4BAI/8P9HT.

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