[CQ-Contest] Young Contesters

DAVID JONES glenn at gi0kvq.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Jun 6 13:30:52 EDT 1999

Reading the views on contesting and falling numbers of contesters, heres
just another thought on it.

I did my first contest in the cqww ssb 96 at the age of 25, I really enjoyed
it and one of the things I looked forward to was the certificate.  It took
around 18 months to get it, however I have it and while I appreciate my
score would be a shame to the big guns, it was a record of a great weekend.
I enjoyed the contest that much I did a few others including the ARRL SSB
DX, where the certificate arrived around 6 months later, and the JARL again
around 6-9 months after the contest.

I have done the CQ WW CW, and SSB every year since, but have never recieved
any certficate which according to the published results I was intitled to.
This is particlarly sad as CW is not a strong point with me, and my entry
was a personal achievement, to bad CQ didnt feel it was that important, as I
was really looking forward to it.  Listing to various comments from many
stations the certificate for WPX contests are even more rare to get.  I dont
mean to sound like Im picking on CQ, but lets face it the WW is the contest
to attract the most interest.

Im sure this issue about certificates has been raised before on this
reflector, but I genuinly feel if CQ who seem to be one of the worst
offenders, would put an effort into issuing certificates to all (who were as
judged by them entitled to recieve one), it would be a great insentive for
the smaller stations to become involved, which in the long run has to
benefit all concerned in the contest.

73s de Glenn

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