[CQ-Contest] RE: EU FD Serial Number Study, American FD ??

Frank Grossmann frank at grossmann.com
Sun Jun 6 13:31:39 EDT 1999

To come back on Jeff on EU FD:
You probably can't compare EU FD Operators with the WPX/WWDX EU Operators.
EU FD is mostly a club and barbecue thing for most guys, so you'll often
find completely different operators. In fact I was very disappointed that
only the guys that win the FD from DL anyway were calling me in to work me
as a KP4 multiplier when calling CQ TEST yesterday. All the others didn't
even care about working a new country multiplier....

Another thing, regarding the american FD or whatever it was this weekend:

I was trying to work some EU on 3.5 Mhz last night and I heard KC1XX calling
CQ FD. So I called him KC1XX DE KP4/DL2CC...
"SORRY ONLY W/VE" he came back.
I don't fully understand. Does it mean there is a USA/CANADA-only fieldday
on the same weekend as the European Fieldday and the americans are not
allowed to work the other participants in Europe ?

73 Frank KP4/DL2CC

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