[CQ-Contest] cutnose, EFFICIENCY?

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Jun 8 10:27:09 EDT 1999

On 6/7/99 17:49, Jim White, K4OJ at k4oj at tampabay.rr.com wrote:

>.so if you heard 4OJ as the QSL...
>you would instead hear A K4OJ
>(A is the last part of the U in TU)
>In order to claim credit for a QSO with you a station must correctly log
>your info....if you feel he is blowing you off, you must also feel he is
>willing to be disqualified for falsifying your exchange info!

I'm not going to pick nits with you Jim. I understand your sense of 
frustration when you're running a pileup at a good clip, and happen to 
have a QSO that completely upsets your rhythm. Been there, done that.

I was just pointing out that sending your callsign does not acknowledge 
the receipt of information from the person you contacted. Particularly if 
you are quick to jump in and send it right away. We've already heard from 
ops who were frustrated at callers sending their call so quickly as to 
clip the first character or so. Same goes for the callee (CQer).

I'm not the only one who thinks that an acknowledgement is important, 
even if it is nothing more than a simple TU. I was just reading the 
November 1998 CQ Contest (The magazine, not the mailing list). In the 
"Operating Techniques" column, Roger G3SXW, stresses the importance of an 
acknowledging R or TU. (page 23)

>If you hear an op going at it at a good clip and you feel uncomfortable at
>his rate of CW sending do what a lot of other guys do send "QRS" - 

I have done this in the past, and 99% of ops are more than happy to 
comply. In the recent WPX CW, I was one the receiving end of one of these 
requests, even at my slow speed.

>I know I
>think you will find everyone would rather send it slow once to you than two
>or three times with your including requests for a repeat!

I agree completely with this. The cost of a repeat is extremely high. So 
why do we contestors go to such great lengths to shorten our exchanges to 
the point where a repeat becomes more likely? 



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