[CQ-Contest] Off times... the last time

Timo timo.klimoff at kolumbus.fi
Tue Jun 15 22:06:34 EDT 1999

So I operate:
Sat 0030-1830 &
Sun 0530-2330
My offtime: 1830-0530
"Contest Period: Only 36 hours of the 48 hour contest period
 permitted for Single Operator stations. Off periods must be a
 minimum of 60 minutes in length and clearly marked in the log."
Yes. It says "the 48 hour contest period" - it does not say: "contest period is when I decide to start my 36  hours".
And as DK3GI said about WAEDC rules, offtime periods had to be clearly marked in the log. They even have a special box in WAE contest for it. Contest organiser checks your offtime - not your time on. Because you can operate less than 36 hours, it is easier to check that way.

Be aware!


PS: Offtime or not ... see you in the next contest!

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