[CQ-Contest] Age of contesters

Clive Whelan Clive_Whelan at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 21 14:50:59 EDT 1999

Further to the recent discussion on this subject, I thought I would take a
look at the distribution of ages of Asian contesters, from my small log;
here are the results. These are substantially Japanese and Asiatic Russian

Age group     Nr. of stations
_________     ______________
11-15         1
16-20         1
21-25         6
26-30         14
31-35         34
36-40         27
41-45         37
46-50         10
51-55         10
56-60         5
61-65         4
66-70         1
71-75         1

As may be seen this is a pretty standard double humped normal distribution
in statistical parlance. What does it prove, very little I fear.

I simply do not know the equivalent distribution of the population as a
whole, nor indeed the radio Amateur population in particular.

The only thing that could validly be deduced, if an Asian station has
equivalent figures for say Europe and/or North America, would be the
relative distributions between these continents.

However it is an interesting snap shot, and provides perhaps, food for
thought and scope for further research. There must be a whole lot of
figures floating around this weekend; how about it fellas?

In my contesting career, I have progressed from the second group above, to
the tenth. Will I make it to the thirteenth or above? Jury's out on that

As an aside, does anyone know of an email address for AA logs? It doesn't
appear to be on the SM3CER site, nor indeed on the JARL site :-((



Written Mon, 21 Jun 1999 16:39
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