[CQ-Contest] NEED FD OPS!

Mark S. Williams n4okx at n4gn.com
Tue Jun 22 22:17:39 EDT 1999

The N4OKX FD '99 team still has a couple of slots open. We could use 2 CW
and 2 Phone ops. If you're in Kentucky or Southern Indiana and are looking
for someplace to "play" this weekend give us a shout. We'll be mounting a
semi-serious operation from a resort location near Rough River State Park
about 60 miles southwest of Louisville.

N4GN will host the CW station, I'll take care of the SSB side and Wes,
KB9THR will run his first Novice-Tech Station. So whether your a contest
veteran looking for some fun or someone who has an interest in radio
contesting and wants to learn we'd love to have you join us. At this point
we're planning on running class 3A with a 6 meter station also.

You can reach me at the e-mail address below or via my digital voice pager
at 502-679-5596.

Mark S. Williams
n4okx at n4gn.com
Kentucky Contest Group
"Loud is Good!"

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