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       I think one purpose the state qsos parties serve is for the guys who
are county hunters.
It is pretty common for guys in the state having the qso party to go mobile to
hand out rare
counties in their state. I don't think you would ever run up big qso totals
out of state, except
for CQP.  I really wouldn't consider most of these contests... they are more
like operating events.

                    Jeff KU8E
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>I don't want to start a thread here ... just toss out a couple of ideas
>see if someone wiser than I can formulate a better contest ....
>Except for a few, these (State) QSO PARTIES ARE A WASTE OF TIME!
>I take a QSO Party as a CONTEST.  In a contest I want to work lotsa
>stations!  If you are an outsider (outside the sponsoring state)
>you are not going to be able to do much as far as runs go or anykind
>of rate ... in most of the QSO Parties.  Why?  Because there is
>not that much activity.  Unless you are seeking to win the coveted
>FIRST PLACE your STATE certificate for making ONE QSO, the time is
>hardly exciting, the rates are zilch and you wonder if collecting
>snowflakes wouldn't be more rewarding!
>Instead of sponsoring a QSO Party that focuses on folks working
>stations inside the sponsor state, why not a QSO party open to
>all that is simply SPONSORED by a State.  Rules could go something like
>this: The USA QSO PARTY sponsored by Missouri SSB
>   Multipliers (outsiders):  Sponsor State counties, as they are now.
>   Multipliers (insiders) :  States/Provinces/Countries, as they
>                             are now.
>   Points:  for working an insider -- 10 points/ssb   20 pts/digital
>            for working an outsider -- 1 point/ssb     2 pts/digital
>   EXCHANGE: 5NN (State/Province/Country).
>   Everyone works everyone (and once per band too!)
>   Such is a QSO Party SPONSORED by a State and open to all and
>   operation is among all.
>   Awards are based on highest SCORES ... can have inside/outside
>   awards if desired ... etc.
>   (Not a QSO Party SPONSORED by a State to just work the State-folks!)
>Would such a set of rules improve activity levels? ... me sez absolutely
>As it is, for a QSO Party not well planned/sponsored, the time quickly
>from boredom to insanity and the debate soon enters your mind as to
>whether or not stamp collecting is really the hobby for you!
>Direct comments accepted.  I'be been contest active for more than 40
>so I've experience here ... more than my share of QSO PARTY INSANITY!
>.... Dave NC7W / Huntsville, UT
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