[CQ-Contest] Apr wpx and busted q

KL7RA Fairbanks Alaska kl7ra at icefog.gcgo.nasa.gov
Tue May 4 10:31:21 EDT 1999

Some comments for the CQ WW/WPX Contest committee members:

I just noticed the Dayton Hamvention is going to be in May through
the year 2003. As I recall the main reason for not moving the WPX
CW contest to April was the Hamvention would be moving back to the
original date. 

I would like to see the WPX CW moved back a month for a lot of
selfish reasons other then the obvious better propagation on the
double point 160/40 bands. For example, last weekend it snowed here
at my QTH from Friday afternoon until Monday. The temperature was
in the low 20's making it a perfect weekend for being inside and
hunched over a wireless. The first real nice days after a long
winter are near the end of May and I'm usually in the lower 48 for
Dayton anyway.

I'm sure the participation would go up as I have heard others
mention this as well. Oh, sure the Florida QSO Party would have to
switch to the next month. But its 100+ in Florida in April and 100+
in May with similar stateside radio conditions so I don't see any
problem for those guys. 

I think deleting three qso's for a busted call is too much. This
may have been the right thing to do at some point in time. Now with
the logs going into cyberspace and many busted calls detectable,
losing the qso should be good enough. Everyone got the message to
get the call correct and you can tell by the many requests for
repeats in the contests. 

I was in the top 10 single band 20 WWCW listing last year and all
of the scores were reduced from their high claimed, but the order
stayed the same. This indicates to me that all of us were running
about the same error rate, somewhat, and that the fellow that won
did the best job in the contest. 

I worry that a new counter-measure is starting to emerge where
people feel it necessary to record the contest and "fix" calls. The
three qso penalty is a driving force now that the busted calls are
be "caught". The "golden log" idea isn't helping as well. 

It would be nice to keep contesting fun and I think most contesters
would drop this recording nonsense if they thought the work
required exceeded any benefit.

Just some ideas on a cold and windy night.

Rich  KL7RA    Dayton next week, I hope it isn't too warm there.


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