[CQ-Contest] busted Q's

Rex J Maner k7qq at juno.com
Thu May 6 02:59:44 EDT 1999

I agree that it should be inexcusable to creative log QSO's, however How
much should the pentalty be for putting    N6TR  in the log as N6RT when
all the rest of the information is correct.  Or getting the check as 87 
instead 78 , (I know that neither are correct just used as an example.) 
Obviously just a typo or getting old with the head bone.  YES the Q
shouldn't count for points  but  PENTALTY ???

On 5 May 1999 15:40:29 -0000 n6tr at teleport.com writes:
>> I agree with rich........I believe this fetish re log accuracy is
>> getting outa hand and acting as a possible deterrent to 
>> participation or at the very least log submission........its
>> a hobby right?      bob  w7gg
>I missed Rich's original comments - thanks for drawing them out Bob.
>> >I think deleting three qso's for a busted call is too much. 
>This is probably a correct statement.  There should be some penalty
>to discourage guessing.  What I mean is that you should lose something
>if you guessed wrong.  The point is to provide incentive to either
>get the call right - or don't log it.  If there was no penalty, then
>you should just log anything and the worst that will happen is that
>it won't count.
>> >I worry that a new counter-measure is starting to emerge where
>> >people feel it necessary to record the contest and "fix" calls. 
>Some people might do this - but it is considered unethical and if
>they ever were found out - their reputation would suffer.
>> > The "golden log" idea isn't helping as well. 
>> >
>> >It would be nice to keep contesting fun and I think most contesters
>> >would drop this recording nonsense if they thought the work
>> >required exceeded any benefit.
>It seems to me that the effort of listening to a whole contest would
>greatly exceed the extra effort required during the contest to get 
>the call right in the first place.  
>As far as W7GG's comments about not sending in his log because of
>log checking - I guess we each have to decide what is important 
>to us.  If you don't want to subject your log to accurate log 
>checking - to find out what your error rate is like, then don't
>send it in.  Obviously getting the information correct isn't a
>high priority with Bob.  However, I don't see why he should be allowed
>to beat someone else who has a cleaner log and a score that should be
>higher when the errors are removed (even without penalties).
>73 Tree N6TR
>tree at contesting.com
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