[CQ-Contest] Apr wpx and busted q

Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Thu May 6 12:52:40 EDT 1999

>There is a down side to the declaring that fixing a log
>after the contest using a recording is unethical. If you send
>me your exchange at 35WPM and I know its on the tape,
>I'll QSL it make a note in the log to fix it later and we both 
>can go on. If I don't have the tape, I slow YOU down by asking 
>you to send it again.

Again, we seem to be missing the point of contesting here.  All that 
matters to people is scores and QSO rates.

Contests are supposed to be a test of operating SKILL.  If you can't copy 
calls correctly at 35 WPM then don't try to.  Sheesh!  What skill does it 
take to sit and listen over and over to a call 50 times on a tape to make 
sure you get it right.  Give me a break.

Contests were designed to sharpen skill for emergency situations.  The 
best emergency ops would be contest ops, at least those who are accurate.

But no, accuracy takes a back seat to QSO rates and scores.  We've gotten 
so caught up in the idea of winning that we have lost perspective of 

If the heat is too hot in the kitchen, guys, then get out!



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