[CQ-Contest] Single op/maintenance technician

Robert Naumann n5nj at att.net
Sat May 22 22:49:31 EDT 1999

+AD4-  I would compare this to a law enforcement
+AD4- officer in his car. He operates his radio, I maintain
+AD4- it. Two different duties being performed.

Joe Palooka makes an interesting point here.  Are they really two distinct
functions in an amateur station ?

Yuri also makes a good point that anyone who needs to have help will not win
anyway.  He also makes an appeal for operators to operate at a multi to
learn.  What a refreshing idea +ACE-

Multis are not only great places to learn how to operate so that when you do
single op, you know when the bands open etc. but they are also a great way
to have a whole lot of fun +ACE-

Multis are highly recommended +ACE-

Robert E. Naumann
N5NJ / V26O
Plano, TX  USA
ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE

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