[CQ-Contest] Bill Adams, W6BA, Silent Key

Michael S. Mitchell w6rw at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 1 04:19:50 EST 1999

The N6AW multi-multi crew normally spend the CQWW SSB Contest weekend at
Bill Adam's 40 acre antenna farm in Twentynine Palms, California. This
year, Bill had been sick, was just out of the hospital and his family
were spending the weekend at his home. Under those circumstances, we did
not feel comfortable doing the contest from Bill's place, so we moved
all of the stuff to W6KP's wonderful location in Anza, California.

On Saturday during the contest, we received word from Bill Adams' family
that he had passed away at about 3:45 PM local time on Friday 10/29/99.

Bill was almost 91 years old. He was first licensed in 1924 as 6ANN and
was the first President of the Southern California DX Club in 1947. Bill
retired in the mid 1960s and has spent the last 35 years living on his
40 acre antenna farm. 

Bill had hosted multi-multi contest operations since 1968 and has passed
his DXing and contesting skills to several of us that he has mentored
over the years. During the 60s and 70s, Bill took a great interest in
teaching young hams the art of DXing and contesting. Jan Perkins (N6AW)
and I consider ourselves lucky and are proud of the fact that we are two
of those that Bill had mentored. 
We will miss him a lot.

This year's N6AW CQWW scores are dedicated to the memory of Bill Adams,

73 Bill we will miss you
W6BA de N6AW es W6RW.....SK

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