[CQ-Contest] Cabrillo format and logging notes

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Fri Oct 1 15:40:21 EDT 1999

I noticed the two comments from Eric K3NA and Bruce WA7BNM.   Bruce is
correct that all Q's should be logged.

Trey has done a good job on getting together a standard format for all
contests.  One thing it corrects is the problem the gang ran into with the
All Asia in that all sent reports are logged and if you send something other
than 599 or 59 it gets logged correctly.

The problems I have is that for the CQ 160 I don't use contest checking
software that automatically scores the contest.  The Cabrillo format allows
you to put the "claimed" score in the summary.  The format removes pages
totals and other headers and footers (if they are left in by the logging
program).  For the CQ 160 I use a fuzzy logic program to ID NIL's, Uniques,
wrong locations,  wrong points per contact, and possible bogus calls (Like
JY2K, TY2K, JT8 worked at 1800Z in W7 etc.).  I use the dup log as your
call/calls worked for the master log and for cross checking.  I also have
two ladies that audit the logs for me although I make final decisions on
exceptions and penalties.  I can do this for 1400 total logs but could not
for 7,000 as in the CQ WW.  I already have my fuzzy logic program modified
for the new format.  But I will need the summary every time!  I have a flag
in the Access database that tells me the claimed score is accpted or
modified (corrected) and also tells me I have finished the log for the final
results.  This data base is input to the word processor for the final

I trust the logging programs will be able to output the old format and the
cabrillo format (and the dup log for me). The additional outputs could be
user defined rather than hardwired.  I personally want to keep a log with
totals per QSO, mults noted, and page totals for my records even if I only
send the Cabrillo format.

We also don't need to forget the stations who don't or can't log by
computer.  One UA sent me his log on disk this year and said he went to the
local University and used the computer post contest to enter his log.  I can
't imagine entering 600 Q's with correct time post contest.  I4JMY said his
group keys all hand logs.  I hope more will take that approach rather than
not accept hand logs.

Just my ideas not anyone else's.

Dave K4JRB

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