Vs: [CQ-Contest] UBN relative performance

Timo timo.klimoff at kolumbus.fi
Wed Oct 6 00:12:23 EDT 1999

|One thing that seems missing from the UBN reports prepared by CQWW and ARRL
|DX is some indication of my performance relative to the other logs
|submitted. I can certainly use the information that's provided now to try to
|lower my percentage of lost QSOs and points, but it would be nice to know
|how my performance stacks up relative to other ops. While knowing the
|average UBN numbers for all logs would be somewhat useful, it would be far
|more useful to know the averages for, say, the top 5, 10 and 20 operators in
|my category (after all, that's where I want to be.) It would be even better
|if UBN numbers were published along with the contest results for each
|station, but I suppose some ops would object to having documentation of
|their fallibility published for all to see. The next best thing might be
|voluntary posting of UBN results to the 3830 reflector. I'd certainly do it
|if others were willing. Anybody think that's a good idea?

I think that the best idea would be that you could browse ALL the UBN files at cqww.com without personal password. Why not?


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