[CQ-Contest] November CQ Contest out

Henry A Pollock k4tmc at juno.com
Mon Oct 11 20:41:41 EDT 1999

A stop by the PO box this morning resulted in the latest CQ Contest.

Front cover photo of the HF antennas at OH1VR from an overhead viewpoint
with the
surrounding trees and shack in the background; with additional details

Feature articles:
A Lossless Power Attenuator
A Closer Look at U.S. SOABHP
Report on CQWW Log Checking and Analysis - Part II

Operating Techniques - To "Run" or not to "Run"
Monthly Collectible - CQWW CW All-Time Leaders 1998
SWL World News - Contesting for Novice SWLs
VHF Contest Forum - A Matter of (In)Activity?
Continental Countdown - The "Baby" Contest, Ghana - 9G1BJ
A Conversation With - OH0XX

Full page ad from RF Applications, Inc. for their VFD RF Power/VSWR

That's all for this issue.  Remember, only 18 more days until CQWW SSB!

Note:  I tried to post the following several times unsuccessfully : 
Subject: QEX CD-ROM available; is NCJ next?

Just received a flyer from ARRL HQ indicating that a CD-ROM is now
available with all
QEX issues from 1981 to 1998.  Is an NCJ CD-ROM coming soon?  These sure
make great stocking-stuffers for Christmas morning!  I’ve already filled
out the card for
the QEX CD and given it to the wife with the line - “I’ll just keep
wearing the old socks
and ties”. :-) 

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC
k4tmc at juno.com

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