[CQ-Contest] Why Contest, Round II

Alfred J. Frugoli KE1FO ke1fo at contesting.com
Tue Oct 12 22:13:15 EDT 1999

But there is a larger picture to winning a contest, club competition.  Here,
the operator who comes in at the very end of the scores list is just as
important as the guy at the top.  They all contributed to the win.  I think
club competition could be the best thing for contesting right now, with all
the constraints/allure of family, work, internet, etc that keep many of us
away from the radio for 48 hours straight.  With strong club competition,
the operator who can only spend 6 hours in front of the rig is much more
likely to spend those 6 hours there, instead of surfing the net, because
he/she wants to help out their club.

See you in the pileups.


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