[CQ-Contest] SS Checks

Tom Horton k5iid at wvadventures.net
Sun Oct 17 01:30:33 EDT 1999

 I agree with you...it's not that I care how long I've been licensed, but
it is kinda neat to see some of the "kids"(no matter what their age)
getting on during the contests. Some of them are very good operators!
When we hear one he/she should be encouraged.
 Tom K5IID
>I politely disagree. I like the "GL OT" I often get with my
>check, and I take
>a little extra time by sending a "GL" to those with mid to high
>90s numbers.
>If we don't encourage participation, things will start to
>dwindle, and God knows they have "dwindled" enough. And though
>they are fewer year by year, I like a check in the 30s or 40s.
>That's a mark of respect to someone who's been around a long
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