[CQ-Contest] CQWW SSB Vacancy - PJ2C

Geoff Howard ghoward at kent.edu
Tue Oct 19 18:00:16 EDT 1999

PJ2C will be a Multi/Single entry from Curacao, organized by the Caribbean
Contesting Consortium. We still have one unfilled bed in a rental villa,
and could use one more operator, particularly if you're interested in
mult-chasing and equipment setup and support.

Lodging for seven nights is about $380, including breakfast each day, and
shared "radio" costs will be about $250.

American has some VERY low Internet fares for the weekend of the contest.
MIA-CUR-MIA, for example, is only $289. See http://www.aa.com .

All the info about our expedition is at http://asgard.kent.edu/ccc/pj2c .

This is a last-minute opportunity to BE the DX for a change. All of the
hard prep-work is done. Sign on with us and come have some fun and go for
the M/S title, Field-Day style!

Scan the web site and reply to Geoff by E-mail if you're interested?


       - Geoff, W0CG, Suffield, Ohio


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