[CQ-Contest] SS Beam Strategy from Central US

Robert Kaufmann rkaufman at videon.wave.ca
Sat Oct 23 00:37:15 EDT 1999

>when conditions are jumping and signals are coming in from
all over, what do you do
> with the rotor control?

Speaking from dead center in the continent, I've come up
with a reasonable compromise.
First- get a KT34XA. The F/B ratio (especially on 15) is not
really that high. That allows me to
hear (and work) stations on the west coast when I beam east.
eg/  I always keep an ear out
for Jay VY1JA when I'm beaming SE ( he's NW from here). With
that antenna, I can hear him.

Frequent rotator maintenance is a must when you're swinging
the beam like I have to. I must admit that I don't adhere to
that rule as much as I should.  I do have a spare T2X in the
ready , always.  But changing a rotator in VE4 land in Nov.
can be brutal.

> Question 2: My beam is a portable Hexbeam. It's very
portable and works well
> but it is a monobander. I can set it up for any band
20-10m, but changing from
> one band to another takes about 40 minutes. Again, from
the Central U.S., if
> you had to pick a band, which would you choose?

Hmm. That's a toughy.  I'd go for  tribander. Even if its a
small one.  That allows you to switch should 10 stay hot
 like I hope it will). I'd get something up for at least 2
bands at a time minimum. Failing that, 20 has always been a
money band. 15 may be better this year and 10 (? ) who
knows. Keep your fingers crossed. I'd love to make 800 or
900 q's on 10!

CU in SS


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