[CQ-Contest] Country file update 25 October 1999

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Oct 26 09:07:30 EDT 1999

The country files for CT/NA/TR have been updated.  I apologize for 
releasing them so close to the start of the contest. They can be found at:

	CT/TR:	http://www.k1ea.com (click on the Country Files link)
	NA:	http://www.contesting.com/datom/nacty903.zip
	WL:	I "lost" the recipe.  Will have a new file up later today.

Or send a message to ct-user-REQUEST at contesting.com with a line like:

	GET cty.dat

in the message body.

If you're using NA, don't forget to run NAU after installing the updated 

The release notes are as follows:

25 October 1999 (CTY-903)

         o Added zone override for B9G, China in CQ Zone 23.
         o Added FO0DEH and FO0KOJ to callsign list for Austral Is.,
         o Added FO0CLA and FO0SAL to callsign list for Marquesas,
         o Added TO0DX to callsign list for St. Pierre et. Miquelon,
         o Added 4U1VIC to callsign list for Austria, OE.  This does
           not seem to conflict with the same callsign listed under
         o Added zone overrides for N4AR, AB4JI and NN4T -- all in CQ
           Zone 4 (tks N4KG).
         o Added zone override for K5KG and N7UN -- both in CQ Zone 5
         o Removed zone override for N7US who returned to Arizona.
         o Added UA7 and related prefixes for Asiatic Russia, UA9 (tks
         o Added zone override for VY0AW, VY0KS, and VY0PS, all in CQ
           Zone 1 (tks VE3FU).

73 - Jim AD1C

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