[CQ-Contest] CQWW Multiplier Station

John T. Laney, III K4BAI at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 28 11:13:50 EDT 1999

The rule seems to prohibit soliciting SSB stations to go to CW in a CW
contest and would also seem to prohibit going to WARC bands even on CW
for that purpose.  

I tend to agree with Henry, Jim, that the number of stations you would
be able to successfully move this way would probably be so small that it
wouldn't be worthwhile stopping your looking on the cw contest bands. 
Of course, that may be different at the very end of the contest.

K1TO, N4TO and I will be M/S from Barbados in the same contest and will
have the same type of problems you are anticipating from your much rarer
QTH. Hope we can time our QSYing such that we can get all bands from our
station to yours.  Have a great time.  73, John, K4BAI/8P9HT.

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