[CQ-Contest] Beverage RX Antennas For 40m/80m/160m

Nat Heatwole heatwole at clark.net
Sat Oct 30 22:01:54 EDT 1999

I'm about to purchase a new radio (one a little more optimized for
Contesting them my current TS-140S) and it has the option of adding
Receive antennas for the low bands. Having no experience in this
department I have a few general questions about the subject. Let me 
know if you might be able to help me out on any of these. Thanks for
reading and any help is appreciated.

1. Is there any advantage to having a beverage antenna for 20m as an RX
antenna? Or will that not work too well at 14 MHz?

2. Is there a "magic height" that beverages work best at, or will any
height low to the ground work? And if there is a magic height, does it
vary per band or is it constant? 

3. How long should the RX antennas be? Is it constant, or does it vary 
for each band? Or does it not matter how long they are?

4. What is a good type of wire to use as an RX antennas?

5. Are beverages very directional? Would they be many advantages to
mounted 2-3 per band pointed in different directions and just use antenna
switches to switch them? Or would 1 per band work just fine?

73 de Nat
KB3CBW in FM19
heatwole at clark.net

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