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Wed Sep 1 17:23:51 EDT 1999

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> Yes.  The something that is broken is the LOG CHECKING.  Let's
>  concentrate on fixing that as much as possible, rather than altering
>  the exchange, which is NOT broken.

Who ever came up the idea that log checking and the use of computers now is 
the driving force behind contest operations. Seems like a backwards way to 
go, change the event to make checking easier.

If you can't define proper computer code to cover the possible reports then 
forget what you can't do.  Amateur radio and contesting has been brought 
forth with great aim at tradition and history. Why should years of contest 
history be changed to make it easier to computer check logs.

Someone needs to be pointed to as the crusader for computer logging and the 
destruction of contesting history for the sake of computerized checking. From 
my standpoint I know the honesty placed in what I submit. I expect others to 
be similarly honest. I recall the last few years QRP in the Phone SS all 
being within 7 Q's of the top 3 in my division. Do I believe that we were all 
passed by triple our scores or a QRP sweep ? Not really. I can only 
compliment the others for continued similar efforts.

The idea of contest computer check to me is a joke.  It is so far from the 
wrong aspect of trying to enforce the rules it is a joke.

ARRL is either disinterested or unwilling to even challenge SO logs where the 
person has been logged into his local cluster.  If that cheating can be done 
in public view, how do you present busted calls, miscopied reports, and the 
other items singled out by computer checking.

Show me that a persons entry isn't illegal by wrong power category or packet 
before trying to nitpick.

Who is the backer of computer logging at ARRL and why do they not address the 
much more basic and simpler cheating going on ?

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