[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX Contest changes SANITY CHECK!

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Thu Sep 2 10:16:53 EDT 1999

It depends on how one defines "the power level problem".

IMO, the fact that so many stations use the SAME power level, reduces
greatly the usefulness of that data field as a differentiator between
callsigns/QSOs (as per the example I gave several days ago). 
The fact that it can change DURING the contest is only part of the
"problem" for log checking (and can be mitigated somewhat by smart

I wish the specific problem (is there one?) that is being addressed by
this "proposal" (or whatever it is) would be described in detail BEFORE
the grenade is tossed in the room.  If it has been, I apologize; I
haven't seen it.

All that said, I've come to my own conclusion that the contest or the
exchange are NOT broken enough to need changing.  Nor do I feel that the
contest log checking aspects should take priority over future decisions
regarding same.  However, I don't think computer log checking OR
computer logging should be ignored WRT any proposed changes to existing
contest rules.  It also makes great fodder for discussion :) .

Mike N2MG
n2mg at contesting.com

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