[CQ-Contest] Seeking investment for building up a station for rent in LZ

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Thu Sep 2 01:44:37 EDT 1999

Hello all,

After reading the message of Sean K0XQ I saw it is
not against the policy of this reflector to post something
about contest stations for rent.
I have had the idea to eventually built such station in LZ
since 3 years. I have been lacking a suitable QTH and
my part of the investment needed. Now I think I have
both - hi. QTH will not be a luxury one but is very
suitable for ham radio - flat valley with no obstacles
at least 100 wave lenghts on 160m. Soil conductivity
is good,too. Accomodation for at least 6 hams could
be available after reconstruction so even a multi op.
entrance will be possible.

The advantages of building such a station in LZ are:

1. Relatively simple station set up could be very competitive
since LZ is in Southern Europe and propagation is usually
very good compared to the rest of EU.
Thus an USA CC could add a nice result to their club scores
for example.
A number of world and EU high scores have been achieved from
LZ.( I am still a holder of 160m EU record in CQWW SSB
settled in 1984 for example and see also results of LZ9A).

2. All foreign hams are allowed to operate from LZ right
after their arrival on Sofia airport. They do not need to
submmitt any documents to the local authorities and must
just carry their original license with them.Visa can be obtained
at the airport in most cases, too.

3. Bulgaria is country with 1300 years of history so there
is a place for some sightseeing, too.

So, if there are some of you interested in such a proposal
for relatively low scale of invsetment, I will be glad to hear
from you and elaborate on details.(contact me directly
by E mail).

Wally LZ2CJ
wally at el-soft.com

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