[CQ-Contest] 80/40 LP for CQWW

Bruce Lallathin aa8u at modempool.com
Thu Sep 2 18:34:16 EDT 1999

Years ago, must have been about 15-20 years now I purchased a book, "The 
Giant Handbook of Amateur Radio Antennas" or something similar to that 
title. I think it was published by 73 Magazine. Some time ago I loaned 
it out to a budding novice that I have since lost track of. 

In that book was the plans for constructing a vertically polorized log 
periodic that could work for 80/40M or a single band depending on the 

The wire version of this antenna is fairly easy and quick to construct.
With CQWW just around the corner I find, er I think I may, need just 
such an antenna pointed South. As I recall, this type of antenna has a 
very wide beam pattern so it would cover a lot of azimuth. 

I tried modeling one with AO 6.5 but I'm not sure what I came up with was 
what the author published. 

I sure would appreciate it if anyone here has this book and could shoot me a 
copy of the article. Also has anyone here ever built this antenna? Any tales 
to tell about it?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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