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Wed Sep 15 14:02:57 EDT 1999


My note on CQ Magazine support for contests was taken wrong in certain
Please understand that we need to support CQ Communications as a strong
of Contests and Amateur radio.  9A3A expressed the view that all the results
should be in CQ Contest
rather than CQ.  I feel Dick Ross is taking the right course in keeping the
results in CQ Magazine
and moving the analysis to CQ Contest.  Remember CQ Communications is a
small business and must carefully watch expenses. Dick must also maximize
advertising revenue (his life blood). If you can't afford to subscribe to
both CQ Magazine and CQ Contest then you probably can't afford to contest.

The same reasoning has occurred at ARRL as there is concern that too much
has always been committed to contests and Dxing which is at best a small
minority of radio amateurs.  The amateur population in the USA has become
"shack on a belt" types and both CQ and ARRL are looking for ways to broaden
the knowledge base.

73 Dave K4JRB

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