[CQ-Contest] Removing Credit From Both Sides of A Mis-copied Contact

Richard Norton ae327 at lafn.org
Wed Sep 15 10:11:07 EDT 1999

Occasionally someone says:

> It would be a good idea to remove credit for BOTH sides of a
> QSO where information was exchanged incorrectly. A complete QSO
> did not take place, and sides are somewhat to blame, and both
> should be penalized.

I agree with this concept in theory. However, I've checked many
contest logs, and have found that the brunt of this type action
would simply be to penalize those with difficult-to-copy

For example, in a recent large CW contest, W0AIH was copied
correctly 1867 times and as W0AIS 91 times.

JS3CTQ was copied correctly 955 times, and lids logged him as
JH3CTQ 153 times. (Find out if you are a lid by checking your UBN

There are places in the world where one lives with whatever
callsign he is issued. The USA even has a history of periodically
having no amateur radio callsign choice. These individuals with
difficult callsigns are punished enough as they try to get their
calls through.

As much as I think that W0AIH and JS3CTQ should work hard to get
their calls logged correctly, I think removal of all their QSO's
that were mis-copied by the other station would be overkill.


Dick, N6AA

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