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Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Wed Sep 15 14:45:55 EDT 1999

Bob Wanderer wrote:

>Regardless of whether CQ and QST are reducing
>or expanding their contest coverage (relative to whose
>posting you believe), I suggest this issue is seeing the
>effects of (1) the greying of the contesters (2) the lack
>of "new blood" and (3) the abundance of licensees with
>priviledges above 30 MHz only as opposed to how many
>have priviledges below 30 MHz (both contesters and

I disagree with the "lack of new blood" statement given above.  The level 
of people entering major contests is rising.  Last year's ARRL 10M 
contest had the highest participation of ANY ARRL contest EVER.  

And while I contested a bit back 10-12 years ago in college, I have only 
recently begun to become active to any great amount in contesting under 
my own call.  So I am fairly new blood to the whole thing.

I think contesting by and large remains very healthy.  CQs financials and 
what they have to do to make money are a very different matter.



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