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CP2235 at aol.com CP2235 at aol.com
Thu Sep 16 04:01:55 EDT 1999

K4JRB wrote
<< If you can't afford to subscribe to
 both CQ Magazine and CQ Contest then you probably can't afford to contest.

with all due respect, but that is not only BS, its ignorant and insulting to 
anybody who is not taking a regular bath in his money pool. please rethink 
your attitude, Dave.

The other subject that came up (AGAIN) during the discussion is just as 
the unability or unwillingness of CQ magazine to mail out those 
certificates/trophies, despite several offers for help and sponsorship. But 
when your subscription is "only" due for 4 more months you start receiving 
stupid "reminders" every month, last time I counted I received 5 of these 
hollow advertisement letters...

Its just sad. I cant believe it.
CQWW is such a great contest. It is also a great and almost gratis world wide 
advertisment show for CQ magazine (I and many others I know subscribe(d) only 
for this single reason)

I'll check out the web site suggested by DU7CC. Maybe its time to cancel that 
CQ-Contest subscription as well.

73 Con DF4SA

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