[CQ-Contest] CQ Certificates. Money talks.

Jim Idelson jimi at designet.com
Tue Sep 21 16:18:49 EDT 1999

Food for thought.

Concept: Pay log checkers and sponsors [more] money to deliver better and faster.

1.	All logs due 30 days after contest.
2.	Entries which include a processing fee are eligible for full competition and awards.
3.	Entries without processing fee eligible only for 'listing' under 'Claimed' category.
4.	'Check log' category remains as is.
5.	Processing fee of around $10-$20. Expect 30% of entries to include the fee.

Payments to sponsors and log checkers would have to depend on timely delivery of 
published results and awards.

I might pay more for better service . . . would you?

Jim K1IR

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