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>  (I haven't even touched on how a UA9 affords USD$20 to be a player!
>  Few of them are Presidents of International companies.)

Probably the best single fact in squelching the fee topic.

Lets face the facts and not look for ways to help CQ Magazine out of their 
problems by trying to cover their profit margin.

CQ Magazine has elected to sponsor and advertise contests. It places a very 
big portion of its magazine available to the announcements and results to be 
published. Sponsorship of the contest creates the desire for subscribers to 
plunk down their money in subscriptions.

The people making up these interesting contest scores that we want to look at 
and compare ourself in is a primary reason for their business.

I would think that a lawyer would have a wonderful few minutes writing CQ 
about its failure to perform as promised within a reasonable period, having 
accepted payments from plaque or trophy sponsors and failing to present them 
to recipients in a timely fashion.

There are many things that need to be processed timely by companies. Most of 
us feel that in backorders and the FTC needs for new delivery dates, right to 
cancel beyond certain times, etc. 

Clearly, 3 years is beyond anyones reasonable expectations for a company to 

Once the results are certified and published the certificates and awards 
should be released and sent.  At that point it is just manpower and the fact 
of being responcible to fill out and mail them. 

How many certificates are we talking of ?  More than 3-4 days of secretarial 
time to fill out and address ?

Just tell CQ the word - DO IT NOW !!!!

Then again, I am waiting for a corrected certificate from 1967 when they 
listed me as all band instead of a 1st Place World.  The fact being a yearly 
request of Alan at every Hamvention.

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