[CQ-Contest] CQ Certificates. Money talks.

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at qsl.net
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Another answer:

Require mailing address on the submission summary sheet. No address,
no certificate. 

Get rid of the inchey-pinchey aspect of the scoring rules that require
so much human intervention. That way the computer results are done 2
hours after the submission deadline is past. Some things to help this

Require computer form submission for competitive logs. This seems
controversial but really is not. 

What we do now: Station X is without computer log program and computer
to use DURING THE CONTEST. He sends paper log to CQ/ARRL who has
someone else set down and type HIS log into the computer for him. This
is a major time killer/resource waster.

Alternative 1: Station X without a computer to hook to his rig during
contest walks downstairs and uses the family PC to type it in himself.
Although the PC was not available to be hooked up to the rig, it IS
available later for typing in a log using a text editor or spreadsheet

Alternative 2: Station X without a computer in the house, has friends,
or a radio club which does have a computer with a text editor, and
uses that PC to type it in himself.

Alternative 3: Station X is a very poor student, is an incredible geek
with no friends and always gets kicked out of clubs. But his school
has a pc and since he is a bona fide student, they can't keep him from
using school resources even if he does smell bad, and he sets down and
types it in himself.

this such a hard concept to get a hold of?

People have access to PC's for transcribing even in third world

Among other things they can read their own handwriting and have a
vested interest in getting it typed in right.

Why should a volunteer do it for him?? Why should I or anyone spend
gobs of time doing for someone what they can do for themselves?

A while back at W4BVV, one of the regular CW ops was blind. He made
braille logs, and then transcribed them after/during the contest. He
would have been horrified if one of us offered to do it for him, or
check his work. Are any of these people we transcribe logs for less

In the break room of a fire department I belonged to is a sign:


I think that applies. No sympathy. Money not needed.

73, y'all

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999 17:42:29 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>Sounds to me like another way to alienate the small guns. To allot of
>people, it will sound like you have to pay to play. I think it would lower
>the participation and hence lower scores.
>Tim Herrick, KQ8M
>tch at vicompinc.com
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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ Certificates. Money talks.
>> Food for thought.
>> Concept: Pay log checkers and sponsors [more] money to deliver better and
>> Rules:
>> 1. All logs due 30 days after contest.
>> 2. Entries which include a processing fee are eligible for full
>competition and awards.
>> 3. Entries without processing fee eligible only for 'listing' under
>'Claimed' category.
>> 4. 'Check log' category remains as is.
>> 5. Processing fee of around $10-$20. Expect 30% of entries to include the
>> Payments to sponsors and log checkers would have to depend on timely
>delivery of
>> published results and awards.
>> I might pay more for better service . . . would you?
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