[CQ-Contest] Yo CQ! Just Do It!

Douglas Priest w3cf at email.msn.com
Wed Sep 22 17:39:48 EDT 1999

If money is the problem, corporate sponsorship of certificates is the

73 - Gary
Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT  ums at nconnect.net

Yeah I can see it now... the WX0B StackMatch CQWW Certificate

CQ promises the certificates and they should be able to fill out the damn
certificates and ship them with-in a year of the contest. PERIOD
If they fail to do that then all subscribers should with hold payment of any
future subscriptions until the certificates are delivered. And TELL THEM SO!
So we don't get the magazine for a couple of months...so what...its a matter
of principal...you busted your butt EARNING the wallpaper...you should
expect reasonable (a year or less is reasonable to me) delivery of your
goodies. Instant global communications is here and a bad rap can spread like
fire on gasoline. With the vast amount of resources we have on-line we
REALLY don't NEED them. They NEED us.      CQ should be held accountable.
What would they do if we didn't send our money for a year or more?? They'd
stop sending us the magazine, eventually.

  I'd be interested in seeing how many subscribers to this reflector are
also CQ subscribers...drop me a note if you belong to both. NOT to the
reflector, please..I don't want to get hollered at :-)

One last thing...I read with interest the Bavarian  CC excursion to CN land
for both modes. Seems the gang have sights on a new M/M WORLD record. I wish
them luck but I think they had better pack a lunch :-)    The PJ9B boys will
have something to say about that :-)     My money is on the Beast from

What happened to that thread about making all 3 pointers?  :-)


Doug W3CF

Douglas Priest
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