[CQ-Contest] Re: Cabrillo format, Dupes, NoQSO's

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at qsl.net
Sun Sep 26 01:21:45 EDT 1999

From: W. Wright, W5XD <w5xd at alum.mit.edu>

 > I have corresponded with N5KO on this matter as well and have come to
 > the same conclusion as N6TR. The Cabrillo format does not have a
 > provision to log incomplete QSOs and therefore only claimed QSOs
 > should appear in the Cabrillo log.
 > This does NOT stop your logging software from allowing
 > you to record and mark an unclaimed QSO in your log. It does stop
 > your logging software from including such a QSO in the Cabrillo file
 > it sends to the sponsor.

 Ok, I can deal with this method, except for one thing: In TRlog, or any of
 them I think, how do I "mark" a qso as incomplete during the contest in
 a way that the POST program, or whatever, will figure this out and generate
 the correct Cabrillo format? What TRLog function key do I hit? What text do
 I type in what column? What note text do I add after the incomplete qso to
 make this happen automatically?  I don't think this is in the programs
 anywhere. Or is this in the works? Tree?

 >Don't worry about serial numbers. As Tree
 > said, the Cabrillo format provides for reporting serial numbers "as
 > sent" independent of the order the QSO appears in the log.
 > Wayne, W5XD

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